Hi, I’m Laura.  Thanks for stopping by The Spinach Spot!  I started this blog after drastically changing the way my family eats and realizing that perhaps I had something to share.  Both of my kiddos used to be pretty sick- ear infections, constant colds, tubes, asthma and allergies.  I decided to make a big change in what we ate and over the last year their symptoms have disappeared. 

I’m constantly researching our food choices and evaluating what is right for our family.  You won’t find any specific “food philosophy” here- I like to pick and choose what works for us.  You also won't find any processed, packaged or genetically modified foods here.  What you will find are lots of real, whole foods that my family loves.

We eat lots of fresh organic produce, nuts and seeds, healthy fats, grass fed meats, wild caught seafood and some sprouted grains.  I love to prepare raw foods and feel best when I incorporate those in my diet daily.  We don’t normally have dairy in our house as both my littles react to it.  We also limit gluten to the occasional sprouted bread- all my baking is done with gluten free flours.

The Fam

As for me, I’m a mom, wife, and nature lover.  I traded in my “career woman” status this year to stay home with my awesome kids.  In my previous life, I was a pilot and avionics systems engineer.  Now I spend my days buried in cloth diapers and princess dresses.  I’ve currently got an organic garden growing in my postage stamp sized back yard and I take a ballet class once a week for my sanity.

My partner in life is this amazing man- “the husband.”  He’s a pilot in the Air Force so sometimes he get’s to “vacation” in the desert.  When he’s here, I keep him happy with all things chocolate and many, many baked goods.

This is the queen of our castle.  Miss Dakota is the leader (instigator) and dress-up extraordinaire.  She can out-hike most adults but prefers to spend her time in tutus.  She counts going to the park, painting and her dance class among her favorite activities.

Aidric is our chill little man.  He’s easy going and luckily appreciates Dakota’s intricate dramatic play scenarios.  He’s always been obsessed with trucks and is currently in heaven with the construction going on across our street.  In his spare time he enjoys using his toy hammer to "fix" things.

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