Monday, July 29, 2013

Cantaloupe Mint Frozen Agua Fresca

If you haven’t noticed lately, I’m obsessed with all things frozen.  The combination of hot summer weather and being pregnant has had me craving cold treats.  While I’ve been enjoying popsicles and ice cream, what I’ve really been loving is frozen drinks.

Something about the frozen texture is so refreshing this time of year (or maybe it’s just the baby in my belly talking!)  Either way, frozen drinks are amazing this time of year.  I especially love making “slushies” out of the regular things we drink like herbal tea or lemonade.

Auga Frescas are traditionally not really frozen but I say why not!  They normally consist of water, fruit juice and sweetener but there are tons of variations.  This recipe keeps things super simple with only 2 ingredients because I need more simple in my life right now.  I also eliminate the need to use any sweetener by using frozen melon instead of ice.

Cantaloupe Mint Frozen Agua Fresca

1 cantaloupe
½ cup fresh mint leaves, packed
¼- ½ cup water (if needed)

Peel and chop cantaloupe.
Spread about half of cantaloupe pieces on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper and freeze until solid.

Chill the remaining half in the fridge until ready to make.
In a blender, puree unfrozen cantaloupe until smooth.

Add mint and frozen cantaloupe and blend on high until the mixture is slushy, adding water as needed.


Everybody loves the agua fresca!

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