Monday, November 5, 2012

Meal Plan Monday 11/5/2012

Wow, we have officially entered the season where time flies!  Just last week I was chasing a lion and fairy around and now I'm finalizing Thanksgiving plans.  I decided we were going to start another pre-holiday cleanse November 9th thru the 16th- but oh wait, that's this Friday!! When we finish there will be less than a week until Thanksgiving!  That means I've got to test all my cooked recipes now-ack!  

Ok, so while I'm freaking out, there is still time for you to join me in this little cleanse.  If you're in a funk or feeling a little out of whack from too much Halloween candy (or too many pumpkin spice anythings), now is a great time to reset your body's system.  Doing a raw cleanse can rid your body of lots of that garbage that builds up on a daily basis.  It will also help to reset any unhealthy cravings you might have (fried foods, sugar, white bread).

I personally want to do this so I approach the holidays with the best possible eating habits.  I know I'll be eating some of the things I don't normally ever it (can we say stuffing???) and I want to make sure my body is craving all of the good things it needs to stay healthy and keep me feeling my best.  I've also been slacking on my juicing lately and I want to get that habit back on track.

If you'd like to cleanse with me, make sure you stock up on lots of fruits, veggies and nuts.  You'll want to plan on juicing at least twice a day to maximize your intake of nutrients.  If you don't have a juicer, don't worry, you can use our blender and then strain your juice using a nut milk bag or a coffee filter.  So who's with me???

Meal Plan 11/05/2012-11/11/2012

Breakfast: Eggs with sautéed kale and bacon
Lunch: Leftover Cauliflower Wraps
Dinner: Homemade Pizza

Breakfast: Oats with coconut oil
Lunch: Leftover Pizza
Dinner: Teriyaki Beef Skewers with Veggie Kabobs

Lunch: Salad with Mustard Vinaigrette 
Dinner: Mustard Marinated Chicken Skewers with sweet potato fries
Breakfast: Pumpkin Pie Oats
Lunch: Turkey Avocado Rollups with veggies and Hummus
Dinner: Freezer Meal (Quinoa Stuffed Grilled Peppers)

Breakfast: Chai Granola
Lunch: Salad
Dinner: Italian Marinated Veggies with Zucchini Pasta

Breakfast: Green Smoothie

Breakfast: Green Smoothie
Lunch: Salad with Mustard Vinaigrette 

Have a Great Week!

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