Monday, October 8, 2012

Meal Plan Monday 10/8/2012

It's another exciting week here in the land of spinach!  We are headed back from our trip to Raleigh (for a friend's wedding) today and we'll be leaving early Friday morning for our family vacation in the Smoky Mountains!  

Since I'll be busy with laundry, packing and getting the house in order, our meals are pretty bare bones this week. I'm relying on my freezer for a few meals and cleaning out the fridge with the stir fry.  Wednesday is still a raw day for us (and a chance for me to use up more veggies).  I'm hoping when we leave I'll have a fairly clean fridge!

Since Friday starts our mountain adventure we'll be eating out a couple times on the road when we meet up with friends.  I've also planned a strategic stop on the way out of Atlanta at Whole Foods to get all the groceries I'll need for a few days.  For Saturday night I've planned to bring along one of our freezer meals since I know I won't feel like cooking after a long day in the car.

Meal Plan 10/8/2012-10/14/2012

Breakfast: on the road
Lunch: on the road
Dinner: on the road

Breakfast: Oats with coconut oil and Raw Topping
Lunch: Salad with Mustard Vinaigrette and Acorn Squash Soup (from Freezer)
Dinner: Ginger Chicken Stir-fry with brown rice

Breakfast: Raw Bars
Lunch: Broccoli Avocado Salad with almonds
Dinner: Zucchini and Carrot Pasta with Marinated Italian Veggies
Breakfast: Scrambled Eggs with Veggies
Lunch: Egg Salad with lettuce cups
Dinner: Moroccan Meatballs (Freezer Meal) 

Breakfast: Pumpkin Muffins (on the road)
Lunch: Tuna Salad in sprouted pitas
Dinner: dinner with friends in Atlanta

Breakfast: breakfast out with friends in Atlanta
Lunch: Turkey Sandwiches with avocado
Dinner: Green Curry (packed from freezer)

Breakfast: Scrambled Eggs with Veggies
Lunch: Tuna Salad Sandwiches
Dinner: BBQ Chicken Pizza

Have a great week!

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