Monday, September 17, 2012

Meal Plan Monday 9/17/2012

I'll warn you now, this is not a normal meal plan.  You'll only find raw foods here this week! We (Andy and I) are starting a raw food cleanse today.  I'm hoping to do it for 10 days but we are at least cleansing for a week- and our fridge is packed with the veggies to prove it!

Why would I do such a thing you ask? This is my second cleanse this year- I did one in the spring for 10 days, and I felt amazing after eating raw.  Cleansing allows our bodies to dump all of the garbage we accumulate through everyday life.  This includes the less than healthy things we might eat along with the toxins we are exposed to on a daily basis.  It can also serve as a "reset" for our bodies so we can listen to what our body is telling us it needs.  This is something kids do naturally before they learn unhealthy or emotional eating habits.

I've been slacking a little on the amount of raw foods I've been eating (I love getting my enzymes) and haven't been keeping up on all of the things I know are important to my wellbeing- sleep, exercise, quite time, etc.  So not only am I hoping to cleanse with my diet, but also my life.  I'm hoping that Andy and I also use this time to evaluate our family priorities and set goals.

So on to my meal plan.  I've learned keeping it simple is the best way to go when eating raw.  I don't try to make anything that is attempting to resemble some kind of food that it just isn't- like pizza, bread, cake.  These recipes are normally labor intensive and the results are not spectacular.  That said, I don't want to eat carrot sticks for 10 days and I'm pretty sure Andy would revolt. So I'm having some fun with our food and hoping for lots of flavorful nutrient dense meals.  

Aside from meals, we'll be drinking a ton of water and juicing veggies twice a day.  I'm also including a list of snacks I plan to make during the cleanse.  It is so important to have raw snack options so fulfill the salty or sweet cravings that will come up so that we don't reach for something cooked during the cleanse.

Meal Plan 9/17/2012-9/23/2012

Breakfast: Raw Breakfast Bowl
Dinner: Pad Thai

Breakfast: raw breakfast bars
Lunch: Salad with Ginger Dressing

Lunch: curried carrot salad
Breakfast: Green Smoothie
Dinner: Raw Tacos

Breakfast: Raw Granola
Dinner: Kale Salad with avocado, seeds, and orange vinaigrette

Breakfast: Green Smoothie
Lunch: date lunch at Leafy Greens Cafe
Dinner: Broccoli Avocado Salad with almonds, Garden Herb Roll Ups

Lunch: mock tuna salad
Dinner: Zucchini with Spinach Sauce

Snacks: (lots of snacks...)
Basil pesto- basil, pinenuts, garlic, sea salt
Strawberries and chocolate dip
Chia pudding
Raw Cheese Cake

Wish us luck this week and check out all of these awesome raw recipes- even if you aren't cleansing!

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