Monday, August 27, 2012

Meal Plan Monday: 8/27/2012

We spent Sunday morning at Selby Gardens in Sarasota.  Dakota was "teaching" Aidric about the fish here.

Have you heard? Isaac is disrupting all kinds of plans.  I was planning on hunkering down at home this week because Tampa has been invaded by the Republican National Convention- but it looks like Isaac is just another excuse.  

I like to meal plan on Thursdays or Fridays so I can take advantage of the weekend farmers markets and have a plan of what I need to buy.  Needless to say, I wasn't taking Isaac into account last week.  Those silly tropical storms change directions all the time.  So maybe this week's plan will work out, and maybe not.... Plan B (if the power is out) will be lots of raw foods, and using up frozen foods on the grill!

This is the first of hopefully many meal plans that I'll be sharing with you.  I meal plan every single week because I HATE standing in front of my freezer or refrigerator going "hmmm, what should I make tonight...” Very rarely does this game go well.  Oh, and never has my husband actually had an answer when I asked him what he wants for dinner.  I'm pretty sure "I don't know" is a standard response for all men. Thank goodness for meal plans!

About this week:  We are coming off a beach vacation and even though I made all of our food, we are all feeling a little off.  I think we ate a little too much bread, which we don't normally have.  That or maybe it was all that wine... Either way, our bodies need some quality nourishment so I'm focusing on nutrient dense veggies and raw foods this week. Since I meal plan starting with Fridays, I'll be including our weekend meals from the previous week.

Breakfast: Green smoothie, scrambled eggs and cucumber slices
Lunch: Ginger carrot cabbage slaw in lettuce wraps

Breakfast: Green smoothie, Oatmeal
Lunch: Large salad with Mustard vinaigrette

Lunch: Curried carrot salad
Dinner: Black beans and rice with steamed green beans

Lunch: Large salad with Mustard vinaigrette

Breakfast: Green smoothie, Pancakes
Lunch: Ginger carrot cabbage slaw in lettuce wraps
Dinner: Butternut Carrot Soup

Breakfast: Green smoothie, Oatmeal
Lunch: Leftovers
Dinner: Green Curry

Breakfast: Green smoothie, "dip" eggs (eggs over easy)
Lunch: Almond butter and jam sandwiches and hummus and veggies (for a picnic in the park)
Dinner: Chicken and White Bean Enchiladas 

Here's to an amazing week!

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