Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Laura's Favorite Green Juice

It's a rawsome Wednesday.  While I'm back to eating cooked foods I've learned that I feel so much better when I eat mostly raw throughout the day.  By going raw for 2 weeks I was able to get my body to a healthy baseline.  Before my cleanse I knew eating healthy made me feel better however the cleanse made me pay more attention to how I feel after eating specific foods. When I started adding cooked foods back into my diet I was able to realize when something I ate made me feel crappy.  I think we've all eaten foods that we know are going to make us feel less than our best.  Listening to my body about what I should put in it has given me more energy, improved digestion, and made me FEEL so much better!
One of the things I've realized really keeps me feeling good is juicing each day.  Juicing is one way to easily up your consumption of veggies.  If you have trouble getting enough veggies each day, juicing can help.  Even though I eat plenty of fresh veggies I find juicing gives me the extra boost I need to feel my best.  Juicing can also help your body with it's natural detox process since it's the vitamins and minerals that make it possible for your body to rid itself of toxins.
There is a huge difference between the juice you find in the store and fresh juice made in a juicer or blender.  When you buy juice from the store it has not only sat around for months but it has also been cooked.  Both of these things cause the vitamins and minerals to decompose and the beneficial enzymes to die. 
Juicing at home produces live juice full of not only vitamins and nutrients but also the enzymes which aid in digestion.  I primarily juice with veggies since they are packed with the good stuff mentioned above and low in sugar. 
I don't have a fancy juicer yet (but my birthday is coming up... hint hint) so I use my Vitamix and a nut milk bag.  If you don't have a juicer it's really easy to make juice this way.  Nut milk bags are really cheap, about $4 for one so it's not a big investment.  You could also skip the straining step and drink the concoction as a smoothie. 

Laura’s Favorite Green Juice

Juice from 1 lemon
1 ½ inch chunk of ginger, peeled
1 granny smith apple, cored
3 large stalks celery
5 large leaves romaine lettuce
3 large leaves lacinato kale

If you have a juicer then you are all set- stick the ingredients through and you are good to go.  If you are juicer deficient like me you can follow the steps below to get some sweet green goodness.

Stick everything in your blender with a little water and blend until smooth.

Find a container large enough to hold your juice.  Stick your nut milk bag into the container and pour the contents of the blender into the bag.  Cinch it up and allow to strain.  

If you’ve got some handy knobs on your cabinets you can hang the bag and do something productive with your time- like play dress-up.

If your inner princess (or prince) gets impatient you can squeeze the juice out of the bag.  

I like to do this anyway once it has drained to make sure I get every last bit of that tasty juice.  

What you’re left with is a tasty, refreshing glass of goodness!

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